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Happy New Year and welcome back to Colt Crazy News!!! New Year...New Crew!!! Stay tuned for your first peek at the new members of the ...

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CCN News Team

[CCN-4b-staff.pdf]Click a staff member to find out more information! Stephen Abshear Nathan Barb Cale Canter Skyler Conley Jam...

Nicholasville Businesses

For their final exam, The CCN crew created broadcasts for local businesses in the downtown Nicholasville area. Enjoy the broadcasts and then go g...


This Week the CCN Crew had the chance to pick their own news story! Learn about the dreaded disease, "Senioritis" See what Seniors have...

"Little Shop of Horrors"

WJHS Spring Musical: "Little Shop of Horrors" Here you will find behind the scenes videos and pictures of the cast and crew hard at work. Enj...


It's time for Prom! Hear what students and chaperones thing about the prom theme, fashion and safety. Also take a look at the Math departments tr...


Continuing with our exploration on the power of the Public Service Announcement, the CCN crew is competing the in the Surgeon Generals Contest abo...