JCTC Super Seven

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    The JCTC Super Seven curriculum is designed to prepare students with the necessary professional skills needed for the workplace. Many employers today find potential employees to have ample technical skills (reading, writing, math), but lack in professional skills (responsible, honest, integrity, self management, work ethic, etc...) Employers are looking for employees with professional skills...if they have the skills needed for success, employees can easily be trained to excel at any job.

    Why Super Seven?

    • Prepare for college and career
    • Provide healthy homes
    • Prevent job loss
    • Enable self confidence

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    Soft Skills Standards

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    1. Personal Communication

    introductions, initial conversations, and professional interactions

    2. Digital Citizenship

    internet safety, appropriate times and usage, and using the web wisely

    3. Accountability Management

    follow up, deadlines, completing responsibilities

    4. Crucial Conversations

    initiating "asks" of superiors and responding appropriately to the answers

    5. Conflict Resolution

    handling conflicts appropriately rather than avoiding or blowing up

    6. Professional Ethics

    demonstrating ethical behavior and making ethical choices in the workplace

    7. Strategic Planning

    decision making, time management, and prioritizing

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    Articles about the importance of soft skills...

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